What is the difference between headshots and business portraits? Well…

For most people, there really isn’t much of a difference. In reality, a headshot is a business portrait but a business portrait, isn’t necessarily¬†a headshot. ¬†The purpose of a headshot (as the name implies) is primarily to show your face. Your face, in turn, should project your personality, and your clothing choice should support that. The background can also be used to support who you are but since the crop is tight around your face, it can only suggest so much.

A business portrait has all of the traits of a headshot except for the tight crop around the head. It is used to show your personality, your style, and to project even more about who you are and what you do. ¬†There are no rules here, it’s just a strong portrait in a meaningful environment.

photoVanBeek Studio has been serving the Ottawa area with headshots and business portraits for the last 17 years. These sessions have ranged from single headshots in studio to portraits days at some of the biggest companies in Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto.  These photos have been used for books, websites, brochures, Linkedin profiles, ad campaigns, exposés, and magazine articles.

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